14th Xccelerate Tech Talent Capstone Projects

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14th Virtual Tech Talent Day

Capstone Projects from the Full-Time Software Engineering Bootcamp Graduates

Group A: Coffee Crave

Full-Stack Software Engineering Immersive

Coffe Crave is a ecommerce site created to allow users to order coffee of various types to their frontdoor.

Group B: Monitr.

Full-Stack Software Engineering Immersive

Monitr. is a brand sentiment analyzer that allows companies, or individuals, to understand public sentiment towards them, and pin point specific topics, or trends in the public’s engagement to you.

Capstone Projects from the Full-Time Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp Graduates

Group 1: MedBot

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive

AI-powered chat interface that answers queries about diseases and medical conditions.

Group 2: Beatboxes

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive

Virtual boxing game recognizes players pose accuracy via computer vision.

Group 3: Handwriting Recognition

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive

Handwriting recognition system that can detect the numbers when written on the screen.

Group 4: Voyagr

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive

ML powered Destination Recommender Based On User's Instagram Profile.

Group 5: Live Cell Monitor

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive

Live cell monitor automates the biological activity monitoring process of a cell culture using advanced AI tools and deep neural networks.

Group 6: New Cars Recommender System

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive

A unique solution that recommends a cheaper priced version of a vehicle that was intended to sell at a higher price.

Group 7: Ligand detection against Covid-19

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive

Generation and detection of small molecules that can inhibit the binding of coronavirus (6LU7) against host cells, hence blocking the replication of coronavirus molecules inside body.

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“We will look at Xccelerate candidates as a top tech tier, and we have been successful in hiring three from the Xccelerate program, including our head of Data Science.”

- Taylor Host, CEO of Miro AI

Xccelerate grads have been hired by both big companies and exciting startups alike, infusing the Hong Kong tech scene with fresh talent.
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