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Xccelerate Graduate Stories

Andy Wang
Data Scientist
Before Xccelerate I was the founder of a startup. I was doing a lot of machine learning and data science related freelance. Even before I was doing that I was working at a hedge fund in London. I came to Xccelerate because I had experience in the field but wanted to refine my knowledge.... Show more
Danny Vu
Xccelerate Graduate
I took the full time Data Science bootcamp in early 2019 and I must say, it was one of the greatest most immersive learning experiences I've had. The instructor, Jyoti, is extremely knowledgeable (she has many years of experience and taught computer science at University) is very good at explaining difficult concepts and is very patient with any level of student. She will take the time to work with you until you understand it - as long as you put in the effort. Make sure to do the exercises, build the projects, and you'll be ready for the job market.... Show more
Jamie Leung
Xccelerate Graduate
I love to explore the journey of Data Science and Machine Learning here. During the several of weeks, I've experienced a fascinating journey of Data Science and Machine Learning. It's unexpected to have exploration on the technology. I found those packages of technique, like python, supervising learning, even supervising learning are practical and useful to implement in my business from now on. It's worth to spend the several of weeks on learning a new insight of STEM here!... Show more
Ray Ho
Miro AI
Data Scientist
Was looking for an in-person DataScience bootcamp to keep me committed (to my career switch) and to meet like-minded people interested in ML and AI in HK. Happy to report that Xccelerate delivered in both those regards. Was also half the price of the nearest competitor. In-person courses offer face-time with instructors that I couldn't find in online offerings. I also got to work with people in a team, in person--something which I believe contributed to my job offer. After graduating, I had a look around and found a place for a (junior) Data Scientist at an established startup within a month.... Show more
Rico Ng
Data Scientist
Well-spent 4 months with a variety of hands-on data science projects. I'm a graduate from the cohort 3 of the Full-time Data Science and Machine Learning Immersive Bootcamp and currently working as a Machine Learning Specialist in a fin-tech startup located in Hong Kong. The reason that I participated in this boot camp was that I wanted to have solid training in data science and machine learning on a full-time basis, so as to change my career path. During these months, I was able to touch on a variety of hot topics and technologies about data science and machine learning such as a bunch of machine learning algorithms and deep neural network. Xccelerate did create a golden opportunity for me to consolidate what I have learned as well as to work on various practical projects that can be displayed in my portfolio. Thanks Xccelerate. ... Show more
Bal Kumar Rai
Nova Dynamic Media
Software Engineer
If they want to have a career in web development in the tech field, then I think Xccelerate is the perfect place for them. I went from construction to tech, which is a great example that you can change your career. My construction job had nothing to do with tech, but I made it and I have been successful in finding a job. I think anyone can make the leap if they are focused and passionate. I think whatever is covered in Xccelerate are good topics to be learning right now.... Show more
Gurman Sandhu
Xccelerate Graduate
It was great and Amazing learning which Leads to success. I am an Indian Postgraduate in Engineering. I came to Hong Kong in 2016. As I started my Job search it was very difficult. Every job requirement was having updated Skill Set in their description which was very difficult to learn by self. Then I came to know about Xccelerate. Really they changed me from traditional to Modern (in terms of technical skills). Staff and CEO are very helping. I got a job before ending Bootcamp means the Bootcamp is very worthful to enhance your career and skills. One step towards technical skills may change you. Last, the person who wants success in their life they just need a mentor (Guidance) and I recommend Xccelerate for that.... Show more
Kevin Cho
I am really happy that I could benefit from the team's extensive network of tech startups. I wanted to find a job that marries my interests in finance, data science and software engineering. The team took my requirements seriously and sourced me numerous job opportunities. Thanks to Xccelerate, I now work in one of the world's leading artificial intelligence accelerators, Zeroth.ai.... Show more
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